Postupoval jsem podle tohoto geniálního návodu s jediným rozdílem, že mi nešla zadat IP počítače, ale změnil jsem IP na konci s jedničkou

Steps in detail:
1. Step – install drivers from samung

2. Step – Connect printer to your wireless network
This is now the tricky part, since their documentation consists of some 200 pages of broken English. I had to read it a couple of times until I figured it out.
Connect the printer to a power plug, and add it some paper.
Turn it on.
Then press and hold the “WPS” button for 10 seconds (count in your head) and release. It should print 2 pages, one of them is “Network Configuration”.
Near the bottom of the page, is a PIN Number (8 digits).
Using you laptop, check your available wireless connections. One of them should belong to the printer. Connect to it, and enter the PIN for the password.
Find out your network IP (either in the terminal with ifconfig, or check connection properties).
Open your browser and enter your IP (yes, your IP, not the printers!)
Something called SyncThru Web Service should show up.
In the top right is a “Login” link. Click it, and enter “admin” for ID, and “sec00000” for password.
You will now see a new option “Settings”. Open Settings -> Network Settings
On the left select “Wi-Fi”, then select “Easy Wi-Fi Settings”, and follow the wizard to connect the printer to your wireless network. After that, the printer should restart and connect to your wireless network.
With your laptop, connect back to your wireless network.

3. Step – Add network printer using the printer settings wizard
Finally you can add the printer to Ubuntu. Open Settings -> Printers.
Press Add. Wait for some time and the printer should appear under the Network printer.
Select it, and make sure the connection type is AppSocket/HP JetDirect (in my case ipp did not work), and press Next. Ubuntu should find the printer driver by itself.
Print a test page, and it should work.


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